This somewhat new style of yoga that is hitting the South has come with quite a bit of interest and curious inquiries. Are you interested in Yin yoga but not sure what it's all about, please read on to learn why its such a great compliment no matter your background or body type. 

Yin yoga is that perfect compliment to our yang practice and our generally yang western lifestyles. We are always putting one foot in front of the other and going and achieving and doing. This practice, whether you are looking for a peace of mind or an increase in physical mobility, is accessible yet challenging in different ways for everyBODY. 

Are you athletic and active? 
Yin is great for those with active lifestyles. Whether its a yang style yoga, running, cross fit, or cycling, these sporty activities tighten your muscles and limit your range of mobility. The natural consequence of this type of repetitive contraction and release of muscle tissue is great for building muscle, but not so great for flexibility and range of motion. With limited range of motion and tight muscles, your body is more susceptible to injury. Prevent injury, overcome stiff, tight muscles, and increase your flexibility with the deeper release of the connective tissue (or fascia). We hold poses a little longer than normal to access those deeper layers. Join us to melt into a blissful experience that gives you the sense of freedom you desire for better performance in your everyday life.

Just starting out? 
Yin is the perfect starting place for anyone looking to get into yoga. While the focus is on a deeper release of connective tissue, don't let the word "deep" turn you away. This practice is supplemented with bolsters, blocks and blankets to bring you and your practice the most support possible. By partaking in this style of yoga when you start out, you get a gentle introduction to your body. This meditative style of yoga lends you the space and time to understand you and your body and how it might progress into some of the more dynamic and active yoga classes. We take our time, move with care and pay attention to the details giving you a robust yoga experience. Not sure if yoga is for you, start here for a kind introduction. 

Retired & active?  
Yin is perfect for you! Your mind is still active and your young at heart but the natural effects of ageing still show up in our hips, joints, spine and shoulders. Defy the ageing process by keeping your joints and spine hydrated and healthy. These lengthier holds on targeted postures free up stuck energy in the stiffest areas of our body. Stiffness is a natural effect from years of sitting, driving, and clenching in stressful situations. This gentle but challenging practice will transform the way you live and feel in your physical body. Increase your range of motion and catch your body up to your mind. 

Stressed Out! 
There is no better place for you than yin. When our bodies are hyped up on caffeine, adrenalin and emotional trauma, the last thing we need is to heighten these effects which increase our cortisol levels and cause disease within the body. This release not only exists on a deep physical level, but emotionally and mentally allow you to unplug. When too many apps are running, just like our phones and computers, we shut down, we catch viruses and get sick. Combat depression, stress, and anxiety with soothing tunes and a guided physical meditation. This your opportunity to retreat and rejuvenate so that you can put your best self forward into the world.